Great news for fans of the Disney Minnie Vans. Disney has just announced that the Minnie Van service at Walt Disney World will be returning this Summer.
Disney shared this information on their official TikTok page with a quirky video, check out the link here. The Minnie Vans service is a private transportation offering. You can simply use your smartphone to request a ride through the Lyft app. The Disney-owned and operated vehicles are a fun and convenient way to travel around the resort. Each vehicle can fit up to six guests and have two child seats available for use if needed which will be installed by the driver. The cost of this service is dependant on destination but a final price is shown when booking through the Lyft app. To make a booking:
  • Open the Lyft app
  • Select your Walt Disney World destination
  • Confirm where you would like your pick-up location to be
  • Tap “Select Minnie Van” (you may need to swipe through the vehicle options if the Minnie Van service is not the default)
  • The app will give you a number to identify your vehicle and there will be a map displaying your vehicle en route to you
We currently don’t have an exact date for when the Minnie Van service will resume but we will update you as soon as we do. Let us know your thoughts on the return of the Minnie Van service